Meet Marija Bumgarner, Your Luxury Adventure Travel Expert


It was going to be a trip of a lifetime… 


Sunlight shining into the water perfectly lighting up the large vibrant coral heads, eels peeking through, clownfish bobbing in and out of swirling tentacles, sea turtles and rays gliding by! After the dive, a refreshing platter of fruit is awaiting us on board as we embark onto the next dive site. 


That was the experience I envisioned when I decided to visit the Great Barrier Reef… But that is not what I got. 

Instead of pristine, untouched coral reefs, thrilling wildlife sightings, and extraordinary service, we visited tourist-heavy areas lacking wildlife and experienced poorly trained staff. 


I spent years flipping through National Geographic imagining this moment. I spent 15 hours in the air, valuable time, and money. It was memorable, but not the kind of memorable I was looking for. 


The Great Barrier Reef is undoubtedly a spectacular site and my experience should have and could have been beyond extraordinary… had it been expertly planned.


At that moment, I realized that I am not the only one who has ever been this disappointed with a vacation. No vacation should ever be anything less than extraordinary. 


That is why I decided to launch Extraordinary Moments Travel. 

The agency for time-starved professionals who are ready to relax, recharge and reconnect through travel

Because you want extraordinary moments, not mediocre experiences. 

My promise to you? 


Extraordinary moments expertly crafted the way you envision them! 


I use my extensive personal travel experiences and world-wide industry partnerships to meticulously plan your one-of-a-kind trip. I diligently choose suppliers that will deliver an extraordinary experience and also take responsible measures to preserve the world’s amazing places, give back to communities, and support the protection of cultural and natural heritage.


I take care of every detail so you don’t have to!


The result?

You get time to disconnect from your daily demands and reconnect with your loved ones. You get moments to explore and discover, bond, and indulge. 


Ready to dive the Great Barrier Reef, hike Machu Picchu or sail the Adriatic the way it should be done? The way you envision it?

Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit — Get started by filling the trip planning form & I will be in touch to schedule your free, no obligations consultation!

I can’t wait to design your next adventure.

Marija Bumgarner


Extraordinary Moments Travel




Marija’s 5 Fun Facts: 
  1. Croatia holds a very special place in my heart. As a child, I spent summers in Croatia visiting family and then spent 7 years living there.  

  2. I hold a Master’s degree in Tourism Administration with a focus on Sustainable Destination Management and love to work with companies that promote sustainable travel. 

  3. As a kid, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I grew up. In college I came close — I participated in dolphin research projects in Costa Rica and Croatia. 

  4. I lived in the US Virgin Islands for 3 years. That is where I met my husband and adopted my island mutt, Katy. 

  5. I sailed down the Caribbean and up the US Coast to NY aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage.