Are you looking for a relaxing romantic getaway in nature? A fun and an engaging family vacation? An active and meaningful family reunion or a culturally immersive large group trip?


Whatever your definition of adventure is, my personalized services and expertise ensure that you will have a relaxing and engaging experience throughout your adventure.



We think of time as our most valuable asset, but I think time together, moments together are our most valued asset. Leave your hectic life and daily distractions at home. Traveling with family, with nature as a backdrop, immersed in new experiences together… What a wonderful way to reconnect, create stronger bonds and everlasting memories.


Say “Yes” to a family adventure. Remember what really matters and invest in extraordinary moments together that will last a lifetime.



In this modern connected world where many of us live far from our loved ones, while technology makes it easy to stay in touch, it is not the same as creating personal deep relationships with grandkids, cousins, and in-laws… Take a large group family vacation or plan a reunion that creates long-lasting legacies.


Having a successful career, running a business, raising kids… it is exhausting. Believe me, I know it first hand. I met my husband while living in the Virgin Islands. He's my "Island Boy", my trusted captain and my favorite travel companion. I knew he was the one because he shared my passion for the ocean – he wooed me with “dive dates”- and he jumped on the opportunity to travel with me. Now both of us are running successful businesses, raising our kids, and time together is very limited. I know that keeping my marriage healthy is extremely important. It is the foothold to our happy family. Date nights are great, but getting away for a few days or a week, at least once a year, is vital to rekindle the flames and recharge together.  Whether it is a peaceful mountain lodge with breathtaking views, a magnificent and thrilling expedition cruise or a luxurious pampering overwater bungalow experience, I invite you to start planning your much needed getaway today. I will ensure that your time together is meaningful, passionate and fun.



Whether you choose to travel with a small group or large, traveling as a group can be fun and exciting. Strengthen relationships, create new friends, create customer loyalty and many extraordinary memories with those that share in your passion. I take care of the planning, you send the invites and take care of packing.


Group Travel Ideas:

  • Run Clubs travel to South Africa to run the Big Five Marathon held among the wildlife of the African savannah.

  • Yacht club members sail the Adriatic, BVI’s or French Polynesia together.

  • SCUBA enthusiasts help restore coral nurseries.

  • Non-profits take donors to experience their donations in action.

  • Businesses take their top producers on a much-earned trip.

  • Photography enthusiasts join professionals on a trip offering spectacular landscapes and wildlife sightings photo ops.


What is your passion? What group travel ideas do you have? Call us today to help plan an extraordinary group experience.




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