13 Reasons Why You Should Cruise French Polynesia

Someone says "cruise" and you immediately think mega cruise ships, crowds and busy Caribbean ports? If that is you, let's erase that image and start fresh. 


➤ Lounging by the pool without hitting your neighbor's elbow. 

➤ Sailing aboard an all-inclusive ship. 

➤ Immersive perfectly curated adventures without the crowds. 

➤ A marina with kayaks, paddleboards and snorkel gear available at the back of the ship. 

YES, all of that and more is available to you. 

If you have ever dreamt of visiting Tahiti (and who hasn't), then a PAUL GAUGAUIN cruise is for you! 

The 332 passenger Paul Gauguin ship offers the opportunity to explore beyond Tahiti, Morea and Bora Bora. A luxuriously casual, relaxing and friendly vibe welcomes you aboard. That is the Tahiti way! Envision the cabin as your moving overwater bungalow while you explore exquisitely beautiful islands with constantly changing yet breathtaking landscapes as your view.

13 reasons why you should sail with Paul Gauguin Cruises?

✔️ Sail to ports inaccessible to large cruise ships.

✔️ Take advantage of the ships SCUBA program and snorkel gear. Explore the magnificent underwater world. Snorkel and scuba dive with sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and colorful corals.

✔️ Connect with nature. Hop on a land tour to dramatic overlooks and waterfalls.

✔️ Sign up for immersive tours of ancient temples and local villages.

✔️ Take in the wonderfully scented vanilla farms. Did you know that Tahiti is one of the few producers of vanilla spice?

✔️ Explore Bora Bora & Moorea during overnight calls.

✔️ Bring the kids along for the Moana Explorers Family Program. No devices needed. 

✔️ Kayak & Paddle Board from the ship's retractable Marina.

✔️ Connect with the local Tahitians, learn about the culture, enjoy presentations by local Polynesian dancers, naturalists and more. 

✔️ Savor a splendid meal paired with the perfect wine.

✔️ Feel good about your trip. Paul Gauguin Cruises cares for the local communities respects the environment and takes proactive measures to conserve, educate and give back. 

✔️ All-inclusive. Even your flight from LA or San Francisco is included. 

✔️ A direct flight from LA. Only 2 extra hours compared to flying to Hawaii (a drink and a movie away).

and so much more… 

Relax, recharge and reconnect!

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