3 Easy Ways to Add Adventure to Every Trip

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Adventure is about seizing the opportunity to see the world from a brand-new perspective in a meaningful way. For some that means bungee jumping or swimming with sharks. For others, it may be slipping on a pair of snorkel fins or immersing in a different culture through a local cooking class.

No matter what adventure means to you, there is no reason to wait. Here are 3 ways to incorporate adventure into your vacation (or even your next day at home).


Eat with a local, cook with a local, explore with a local. There is nothing quite like joining a local on a truffle hunting trip or tasting wine with a local while chatting away. Going deep and getting to know what truly makes the place tick through a local's eye makes it feel like more than just a vacation.

When you aren't traveling, explore at home and get to know someone in your town or nearby town. Get online for many amazing experiences that will bring wine tastings, cooking classes, northern lights, and Africa into your home. In fact, let us know if you are interested in hosting a fun experience from the comfort of your home and we will gladly make it happen in collaboration with our amazing worldwide partners.


Part of an adventure is seeing what the day brings. Try that on your next vacation or even at home. Instead of having the entire day planned out, leave some time to see what catches your eye and go with the flow. The faster you go and the more you do, the less you EXPERIENCE.

Slowing down opens you up to the possibility of experiencing one of those "happy accidents" of travel. Like the time you take a left turn off the hiking path because that mountain looks like one that needs to be climbed. Or your leisurely stroll through Old Town Dubrovnik takes you to an inviting, cozy family restaurant where you proceed to have the best meal of your vacation that you still talk about to this day. THOSE are the memories you will always treasure!


The early mornings when everyone is still asleep are special. I am a morning person, but even if you aren’t, you will never regret giving up a bit of sleep for a magical moment like seeing the sunrise atop Haleakala National Park in Hawaii or a hot air balloon over the Serengeti. Just schedule a nap for later in the day. At home, take a peaceful early morning walk or run down your street or on the beach in the company of the moon and the stars.

That is how you can turn any trip or day home into an adventure.

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