3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your 2021 Vacation Now

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

You may not be able to travel to Europe or Africa just yet, however, you can certainly start planning vacations for the fall of 2020 or even for 2021. No, 2021 is not a typo. Yes, I know 2021 seems so far away. So, why on earth should you plan that far out? 

Here is what I am seeing: 


2020 vacations were postponed for later this year or next year, which immediately reduces the supply available for vacations in 2021. On top of that, people that are eager to travel are actively booking their vacations for 2021. Also, many hotels, tour operators, restaurants, museums, and other services want to make sure they are providing a safe space for visitors. To accomplish that, the number of people in hotels, at restaurants, on tours, and in museums is reduced, meaning less availability.

So, if you have any inkling that you may want to travel in 2021, I highly encourage you to start looking into where you may want to go and what your options are. This is especially true if your dates aren't very flexible as you may or may not get your first choice of dates.


Given the pandemic and knowing that travelers may still be uncertain about booking a vacation, travel suppliers are being more flexible with their policies. For example, some airlines are offering a full refund for flights purchased up until a certain date while other suppliers are offering changes into 2021. This allows consumers to comfortably plan a vacation. Of course, not all rules are the same across the board, so knowing the rules before you book is important. 


Will there be deals? Maybe. Maybe Not. With the high demand for 2021 and reduced supply due to operators wanting to provide safe spaces, I wouldn't wait on deals if you know you want to travel.

I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into what is happening in the travel industry today. If you are itching to travel and just know that you will want to go somewhere in 2021, I highly recommend that you start looking into it. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you are comfortable with whatever decision you decide to make. 

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