4 Amazing Alaska Experiences Without Stepping Foot on a Large Cruise Ship

What is the best way to see Alaska? The best way to visit Alaska is a personal choice. While an Alaskan cruise is certainly an option and a popular one, it is NOT the only option. What if I told you that you can take a trip to Alaska and see everything you want without stepping foot on a cruise ship? Yes, you can experience it all and more!

Alaska Exit Glacier Hike


There are many glaciers to explore in Alaska. How and where? Here are just a few ideas: Take a boat tour from Seward or Whittier for amazing up and close glacier experiences, explore Exit Glacier by car from Seaward, visit Bear Glacier via kayak or take a guided day trip hike to Matanuska Glacier (from Anchorage). For fun facts on Alaska glaciers head HERE.

Orca Whales

Marine Wildlife

Seeing wildlife is often one of the top reasons for visiting Alaska. If seeing marine wildlife is important to you opt for a whale-watching tour. Chances of seeing marine wildlife are extremely high. And not only will you see whales and dolphins, but some amazing birds as well.

Alaska Bears


What about bears? The best way to see bears is to take a day tour on a plane to remote areas with larger bear populations such as Kodiak or Katmai.

As for Polar Bears, you will have to head north to the Arctic Ocean coast of Alaska. The best time to see them is in October and November, which does not coincide with the Alaska Cruising season.

Fairbanks Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Northern Lights

Alaska is the only place in the United States where you can see Northern Lights. For the best chances at sighting Northern Lights, you must leave the coast and head inland towards the Arctic Circle. Fairbank is the easiest and most accessible location that offers consistent Aurora sightings. For the more adventurous, head to the Arctic Coast in northern Alaska. The best time to travel for Northern Lights is between mid-August and mid-April.

Those are just a few ways to see Alaska by land without a cruise. If you prefer cruising, check out our blog on cruising Alaska HERE.

Looking for a sample Alaskan Itinerary? Grab that and more unique U.S.A. itineraries HERE.

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