4 Travel Ideas For The Adventurous Family & Kids

We all miss travel. While right now the best place to be is in the safety of our homes, there will come a time in the near future when the world will be open again for us to explore. I cannot wait! How about you? 

Until then, we can dream and get inspired for the next vacations we will take. 

Not only have we been dancing to the Bucket List Family video, we have also been inspired by their travel videos. Olivia has definitely taken after me when it comes to her desire to explore, go off on adventures, and try new things. She is ready to swim with whales, jump out of a helicopter, dive with sharks, and go searching for giraffes and elephants. Or as she would say it “One day we will go there mama. That's a good idea, right?”. That's a fabulous idea girl and I am ready to go! 

I hope these videos inspire you as much they are inspiring us.

ell us, would you take your kids on any of these adventures?

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