4 Unique Travel Experiences in the USA Not to Miss

The United States is jam-packed with amazing sites, adventures, accommodations, and natural wonders to explore. Whether you want to go soon or just dream for now, here are 4 unique travel experiences you can have in the United States without leaving the country.

1. Watch the Northern Lights in Alaska

Alaska Northern Lights

You don’t have to go to Canada or Europe to see the Northern Lights. Instead, head to Alaska between mid-August and mid-April for a chance to witness the beautiful dancing aurora lights in the sky. No matter when you choose to visit, there are many other activities to experience.

2. Snorkel or Dive with Manta Rays on the Big Island of Hawaii

Kona is home to one of the most memorable night dives in the world. Watching giant yet graceful manta rays glide and somersault through the water is a sight you will always remember. You can experience Manta’s year-round. Each of the Hawaiin islands offers unique experiences and has its own vibe. Find more on each island HERE.

3. Hop Aboard a Luxury Train for an Epic way to see the beautiful Southwest

Starting in Denver or Moab, enjoy a 2-day journey full of extraordinary landscapes and exclusive national park views inaccessible by car. During the day take in sites of ancient rock canyons, natural arches, and follow the mighty Colorado River while relaxing in the lounge car or the outdoor veranda enjoying excellent cuisine. At night, relax and get a good night's rest at an amazing hotel before continuing on. For a truly exceptional vacation, extend your trip and explore more of the stunning southwest before or after the train journey.

4. Go for an evening kayak and witness the bioluminescence


Choose from visiting St. Croix, USVI, or Puerto Rico for an amazing evening experiencing a glowing bay while kayaking. As you glide through the water, watch the water light up around you. It is best viewed on darker nights, so it is best to avoid the full moon.

Those are just 4 unique experiences in the United States you can start planning now. And of course, there are MANY more amazing experiences in the United States that will awaken your soul.

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