5 Benefits of Using a Travel Advisor for Post COVID Travel

Are American travelers welcome? Do you need to provide a negative COVID test, submit a travel authorization form, or provide medical clearance? Do you do it at your destination or prior to boarding the plane?

If there is one constant, it is that everything is changing by the minute and no one country has the same entry policies at the moment. And that my friend is where a professional travel advisor comes in! 

Besides saving you time, here are my top 5 reasons for using a professional travel advisor as you start to navigate the post COVID travel climate. 

1. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. We have the resources to stay up to date on ever-changing entry and quarantine requirements from every destination. Policies are literally changing moment-by-moment and it is important to know the risks of finding yourself in an unexpected quarantine situation or left behind in an airport terminal.  Also, just because a resort or island is “open”, what is the actual experience going to be like?  Are masks required?  Are all the facilities and amenities open?  Will the kid’s clubs be operational? What are the food & beverage options?  We can get that info for you to avoid expensive disappointments!  

2. We have intel to stay current on which travel partners are trustworthy and fiscally sound.  We certainly can’t guarantee that a company won’t default or declare bankruptcy in this crazy environment, but we have connections that flag companies that seem to be in trouble so we can add them to our “do not sell” list.  And, if the worst does happen, you won’t face it alone. I will certainly be there to help you secure a refund or resolution to the best of my abilities.

3. We are a  part of a larger network of advisors, which means we are hearing about which resorts, airlines, and destinations are going above and beyond to adapt post-COVID wellness policies to protect your health and well-being.  And which ones are NOT.  I want you to feel safe and secure wherever you may travel.

4. We have some great suggestions for amazing travel experiences that you CAN have right now!  There are some totally mind-blowingly beautiful destinations and resorts right here in our own country that you might miss otherwise.  Check out the US National Parks, visit Alaska on a small expedition cruise ship with fewer than 50 fellow passengers, imagine laying out in a field on an upscale dude ranch in Wyoming viewing more stars in the night time sky than your city-dwelling kids could even imagine!  We have some fabulous options for you that you might not have ever considered…or known existed...and we would love to help you get out of your house and live again – safely of course! 

5. We are available to you before, during, and after your travels…kind of like a personal backup system!  If you run into any hiccups or need reassurance while away from home, we are your first call!  Delayed/Cancelled flights?  Text us while you wait in line with the airline and we can try to get you rebooked before you even reach the desk. Try getting that kind of service from one of the big box store travel departments or online travel booking engines!  A travel advisor is always your best advocate because we truly CARE!

Not everyone is ready to travel yet, and that is completely understandable. But, if you know you want to get away and you think you need assistance, click HERE to set up a free, no obligations, consultation.

If you simply want inspiration for now, check out these 9 AH-MAZING & FREE U.S. itineraries HERE.

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