5 Destinations US Travelers Can Visit

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Are you ready to start packing too? The world is not wide open, but there are places to travel domestically and yes, internationally.  Here are 5 destinations our clients are loving and where you can travel to now. *All subject to change at any point of course, which also means that if you do plan a vacation, keep in mind that remaining flexible is a must. 

If you do not want to take a COVID test, you can travel to Costa Rica and Mexico.

Costa Rica

An adventurers’ playground! With so many choices, you can truly make this trip whatever it is your family wants. I could go back just to indulge in the amazing coffee every morning before embarking on adventures. Hiking lava fields, ziplining, snorkeling, bird watching, rafting down rapids, soaking in the hot springs, searching for wildlife, relaxing in the jungle or on the beach! The options to customize a Costa Rica vacation are endless.


Whether you are looking to take it easy or for your days to be filled, Mexico delivers. Swim alongside turtles or whale sharks, go zipline, explore subterranean caverns visit world-famous Mayan ruins, or simply relax. And to top it off, It Is easy to get to. 

Willing to take a COVID test? Your options also include:


Croatia is only the size of West Virginia but has a great variety of environments. Croatia provides the perfect blend of immersing in the culture, getting “lost” in beautiful coastal towns and the soothing sea, through the mountains and into the valleys and ecologically diverse wetlands -- Croatia provides an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the spectacular beauty, nature, and surround yourself with culture. Choose to visit any of the eight National Parks, eleven Nature Parks, ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 1000 islands and 6,278 km of coastline. Oh-so many amazing experiences await you in Croatia. If traveling over the holidays intrigues you, Croatia’s Christmas markets might be just what you need. 


The Hawaiian Islands are home to active volcanoes, majestic ocean wildlife, soft sandy beaches, and warm people. Hear the whales sing, witness the majestic dance of manta rays and effortless movement of sea turtles. Feel the power of the ocean waves, ride a few swells, breathe in the fresh air, and step foot on a living, growing volcanic island. In Hawaii, choose from 6 islands, each offering a unique experience and something for everyone.


Belize, only the size of New Hampshire, offers many unique experiences. Experiencing the jungle and spending time on the coast is highly recommended. Immerse in nature, both on land and underwater. Explore ancient archeological sites, visit the Blue Hole, go fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 

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