5 Passport Tips to Avoid Travel Mishaps

Travel mishaps... they happen to all of us, right? 

The one that always sticks out in my head is that one time I forgot my passport. 

I was heading on a ski trip to Slovakia with my gymnastics club. I froze the moment our coach said "Does everyone have their passport?" I knew instantly that I had forgotten it. In my defense, I was young and excited. 

What happened? My mom had to drive back home to get my passport. After an hour-plus delay, we were on the road. Thankfully no fights were missed because we were traveling by bus (I was living in Europe at the time). But I sure was embarrassed. 

You can bet I have not forgotten a passport since & I now have a few extra passport tips to share:

  • Know where your passport is. Put eyes on it a few days before your trip so you aren’t panicking the day before your trip.

  • Check your passport expirations before booking your vacation. Often, your passport must be valid for 6 months past your vacation dates. 

  • Make a physical copy and keep in a separate bag from where your actual passport is or scan/take picture of it so you have a digital back-up. 

  • Make sure your advisor (or family member/someone you trust) has a copy.

  • Replace damaged passports. You never know when you will be denied boarding the plane or entering a country because of a damaged passport.

Mishaps happen, but my goal is to always prevent as many travel mishaps as possible for myself and my clients. And if things happen, because life happens, helping clients through it and making it as painless as possible is what I do.

Happy Adventuring!

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