5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Ahead for Your 2020 Vacations

I am and always have been a planner. So much so that I knew what study abroad trips I wanted to join before enrolling in college. Yes, I planned my college career around my five study abroad trips: Fiji, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia and I spent a Semester at Sea sailing the Caribbean on a beautiful tall ship. Had I not planned it all out ahead, I likely would not have been able to participate in all of those trips and also completed my requirements.

Why am I telling you this? Just like I carefully planned out my college study abroad trips, you should consider looking ahead at your travel plans for 2020.

So, before you get too caught up in fall festivities, Holiday planning, and gift buying, take some time to consider your 2020 trips. Reach out to your travel advisor and start mapping out your vacations now!

Why now you say?

1. Availability: Need an adjoining room, a specific bed layout or set your eyes on a specific cruise or cabin? Planning ahead will give you more options to choose from. Don’t wait too long and then feel like you have to settle on a destination, hotel, room or excursion simply because you waited too long.

2. Rates: What Don’t count on those last-minute bargain discounts, they are a myth. There is no perfect magic time to book a trip to get the best rates. However, more options can often translate to better rates because of said availability.

3. Reduce stress: Most people will start thinking about their 2020 vacations after the holiday. Instead, eliminate the stress and go into the holidays knowing that your travel plans next year are set! At the very least, start the conversation with your travel advisor now and map out your 2020 trips. This will eliminate your stress and allow your travel advisor to start planning while you enjoy your fall and holidays.

4. Something to look forward to. I love to have a flight booked and a trip to look forward to. Planning ahead is assured to offer excitement and anticipation of your vacation!

5. Upcoming Election Year: Statistics show that travel trends decline in election years. Not because people don’t want to travel or don’t have the money, but because we get distracted. I don’t want your vacation time to become just a statistic.

Start your New Year off right…

with your vacations mapped out and your travel advisor on your side!


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