5 Ways to Get to Antarctica

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

1. Get a job at one of the research stations.  For example, the US station McMurdo is home to 1000 residents in the summer and 250 residents in the winter. And no, you don’t have to be a scientist to work there. Many skills from cooks to carpenters, plumbers electricians, etc. are needed to keep the station and town running, however, it might not be easy to score a gig like this. Don’t worry, if this isn’t exactly the way you envisioned visiting the white continent, there are other ways.

2. Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina. This is the most common way people visit Antarctica. There are various itinerary routes, lengths, and ships sailing from Ushuaia taking you to the Antarctic Peninsula and some itineraries to the South Georgia & Sandwich Islands. Cruise lengths are at least 10 days, with 2 days at sea to reach the peninsula. Enjoy the company of amazing wildlife - penguins, whales, seals, and birds.

3. Fly & Cruise. If you dread the drake passage or are short on time, then this option is for you. Fly over the Drake Passage to King George Island - a 2 hr flight instead of 2 days of sailing. Take in the aerial views and set sail from King George Island.

4. Cruise from Hobart, Australia or Bluff, New Zealand. How adventurous are you? This cruise is a much longer option than sailing from Argentina (3 times as far). It can take 12 days to reach the 7th continent - that is 12 days at sea with no land in sight. So what do you get on this remote expedition? This side of the continent is very different from the other, more visited Antarctic peninsula. It is more remote, the icebergs are larger, emperors penguins are a more likely sighting. Cruise Ross Sea, explore the coast of Ross Island, shacks and possibly even research stations (weather permitting)

5. Charter a private yacht.  Can’t find an itinerary you like, want more control or simply want more privacy? Charter a ship for yourself or a group and dictate the itinerary (as much the weather will allow you of course)

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