Exotic River Cruises

You have heard of the lovely European river cruises. Sailing down the Danube, Rhine and Seine exploring charming cities and villages full of history, culture and delicious food.

Today I explore a few exotic and beyond the ordinary river cruise options. Whether you have already embarked on and enjoyed a European river cruise, have the desire to do so in the near future, or maybe you are looking for an alternative, one of these cruises might be just what you are looking for.

River Cruise on the Danube

European Biking River Cruise

Spice up an already amazing European river cruise. Explore by bike & relax by river boat. How does a European biking river cruise sound? Yes, combine the splendor of a river cruise with the fun of pedaling. Ride through the Bavarian Forest to the Danube River, past castles and through the world-famous Donauradweg (Danube bike path). Bike through vineyards and sleepy hamlets of the Wachau Valley, known for its Grüner Veltliners and Riesling wines. Explore Europes rich history, take in the countryside tranquility and enjoy the breathtaking views both by bike and cruise. What a wonderful combination.

Amazon Rainforest River Cruise

Float down the river exploring the magnificent Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Be ready for wildlife encounters with monkeys, reptiles, sloths, toucans and pink dolphins. At night, head on an excursion to spot exotic nocturnal wildlife and be sure to look up into the sky for extraordinary stargazing. Learn about medicinal plants, visit a remote Amazonian village and simply relax in the lush Amazonian surroundings. Want to add to the river cruise experience? Add a visit to Machu Picchu and other destinations in Peru. 

Mekong River Cruise

Explore Vietnam and Cambodia aboard a river boat on the spectacular Mekong River, Southeast Asia’s longest waterway and the lifeblood to millions of people who live and work along it. The Mekong is incredibly rich in wildlife, culture and history. Keep an eye out for rare wildlife, explore local villages and choose to bike along the riverbanks. Board a traditional sampan boat and maneuver through narrow waterways, floating markets, villages and forests. Visit remarkable temples such as Angkor Wat, Buddhist monasteries and Hindu ruins. Relax and enjoy gourmet meals and learn the traditional weaving techniques and craftsmanship from local artisans.

African River Safari Cruise

African Safari by river cruise? That’s right! It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cruising or Africa. It is a wonderful alternative way to explore Africa and Chobe National Park - home to one of Africa’s densest populations of wildlife. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and superb stargazing. Keep your eye out for elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebras, buffalos, lions, crocodiles, and a variety of birds. Visit an African village and experience its culture first hand. Fall asleep to noises of the African night and the occasional grunt of a hippo. For a complete African experience, combine the cruise with a visit to South Africa or other neighboring countries.

Hippos in the Water

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