How do you make air travel more convenient?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Imagine zipping through the TSA security line and speeding through the long waits at US Immigration and Customs! So, how do you make air travel more convenient? It’s called Global Entry!

With Global Entry, you can use the TSA PreCheck lines at security. They move so much quicker because you are not having to remove your laptop and toiletry baggie from your carry-on luggage or strip (belts, jewelry, and even shoes can stay where they belong!).

If traveling Internationally, bypass the long lines at Passport control upon your return to the U.S. and scan your passport at a Global Entry kiosk, which checks fingerprints and takes a very flattering “selfie”. If cleared, a receipt prints and you can simply flash it to an immigration officer as you walk briskly to claim your luggage and head home.

The application process is easy and fast:

  • Fill out the online application.

  • Pay the $100 fee (good for 5 years and reimbursed by some high-level credit cards).

  • Within several days, expect a conditional approval email inviting you to set up an appointment at the closest participating airport. (It may take some time to schedule your interview, so I recommend starting early if you have a trip on the horizon.)

  • On the day of the appointment, you take your Passport, Driver’s License and approval letter to the Global Entry office and have a short 10-minute interview with an agent. Expect to answer a few questions about your past travels and get fingerprinted before getting approved.

  • Your official card will arrive in the mail within a few days. EASY-PEASEY! Right?


  • Be sure that all family members apply for Global Entry so you can all use the benefits whenever you travel together. It would be sad to not be able to breeze through Immigration because your kids weren't included!

  • When making airline reservations, enter your Global Entry Membership Number in the ‘known traveler number’ field (or be sure to provide the number to your travel advisor).

Are you ready to simplify YOUR life and become a member of the Global Entry elite? Apply Here!

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