Multigenerational Family Vacations

Whether your family is down the street, a drive away or a flight away, time together with the extended family, away from the daily chaos, is invaluable. Multigenerational trips are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, create lifelong memories and have fun!

Here are a few tips to help you plan your next family group vacation full of immersive and authentic experience with activities for all ages:

  1. Start planning early, preferably about 12-18 months out. With multiple parties involved, setting dates that work for everyone takes time. It also ensures find appropriate accommodations and activities that will fit your groups needs.

  2. Assign one to two main point people to make trip decisions. Still engage everyone in the planning process by asking each member for the top three things they want to see or do and make sure to include at least one of everybody's picks.

  3. Don’t plan every minute of every trip. Leave enough downtime for the individuals that tire easily and need rest, leave time for individuals to do something of interest to them on their own, and leave time for spontaneity.

  4. Capture your memories with a professional photographer. A great photographer can capture a beautiful family portrait as well as document candid bonding moments. Want more than a portrait? Turn the photoshoot into a fun guided adventure through the destination, perfect for keeping everyone engaged.

  5. Pick an engaging destination with various activities that appeal to different ages. In more remote locations, families can engage with each other away from digital devices.

  6. Save time by hiring a travel advisor. Doing so can eliminate the stress of planning a group trip and all of the logistics that come with it. Travel advisors can provide expert advice on destinations and accommodations that fit your families specific needs and goals, they can plan fun engaging activities for all and make the trip seamless.

Get-together vacation options are endless from cruises, ancestry trips and safaris to active adventure vacations, nature and wildlife experiences and cultural immersion. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:


Cruises offer various activities for all ages. Cruises to active and adventurous destinations such as Alaska, Galapagos and Antarctica are wonderful once in a lifetime vacation to share and experience with your family. Choosing the right cruise is imperative. Many cruise lines have family programming ensuring that the families can get the most out of these destinations. Interact with wildlife in the Galapagos, kayak and observe wildlife in Alaska, hop on a zodiac in Antarctica, learn from on board biologists, photographers and naturalists.

Explore your own past

A completely new way to explore and immerse yourself in a destination is through a genealogy trip. Bring your family together to explore your roots. Learn about your ancestors, immerse in the country and its culture, talk to the locals. Have fun discovering your history together!

Nature, Wildlife & Active Adventures

Spending time outdoors offers a variety of engaging, educational and fun activities. Observe thrilling wildlife, take in breathtaking landscapes and feel in awe of your surroundings. Share these moments with those closest to you.

Hawaii is a great destination to immerse into nature and the Hawaiin culture. Its diverse offering makes it a great choice for all ages and interests. Activities range from hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving with manta rays to humpback whale-watching tours, golfing, visiting active volcanoes and historical sites such as Pearl Harbor. With 6 islands to choose one, the options are endless.

An african safari - the ultimate wildlife adventure - will get you up and close to towering giraffes, elephants, lions napping in the shade, lions hunting and so much more. Share these awe inspiring experience with your family. South Africa is an incredibly diverse destination and offers something for everyone. In addition to spectacular safari game viewing experiences, explore cosmopolitan Cape Town, relax on beaches, visit lush winelands, cliffs forest, lagoons and more.

In the Galapagos, the wildlife is abundant and sure to keep everyone engaged. Cruising is a great way for multigenerational groups to explore the Galapagos. Encounter sea lions, iguanas, penguins, giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, marine iguanas and many more extraordinary animals. Enjoy the lovely beaches, hiking and snorkeling excursions. Don't be surprised if the wildlife is just as curious about you as you are about them. Without predators, the animals are surprisingly tame and extroverted,  offering viewing opportunities unlike any other.

New Zealand is jam-packed with things to do from relaxing beaches, nature parks, city adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities such as spelunking, jet boat rides and bungee jumping for those daring enough. With so much to do, New Zealand is a one-stop-shop for everyone and offers spectacular opportunities for family vacations. Explore active volcanoes and beautiful islands, hike glaciers and green lush hills, search for wildlife visit the village of Hobbiton – home of Lord of the Rings, enjoy a boat ride under thousands of magical glowworms in the Waitomo Caves and take time to learn about the Maori culture.

Travel is about learning, exploring and creating memories. Why not share these experiences with those closest to you? Are you inspired to plan your next family group vacation? It can be a blast with many bonds and life-long memories created.

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