Staying Positive Amid Coronavirus

Another week of hunkering down, following the progress of COVID-19, and wondering when it will all end? When will we go back to normal? Am I dreaming?

If you are feeling at all anxious, I am with you. It can be tough to stay positive during these uncertain times and constant change. I have my moments and remind myself OFTEN that I cannot control certain things (which is hard for me ya'll). Until we can all get back to normal, I realize I must adjust to the new, temporary normal! I must let go of what I can’t control and focus on the positives. 

I am actively working on ways to stay positive, ways to share positivity, and ways to e supportive. Here is my list... What is your new normal & what are some of your tips?

Care for yourself. Get outside. Fresh air and exercise do wonders! If you are working from home, take advantage of the extra time with family in the morning, take a post-lunch or evening walk. 

Have fun! Enjoy your hobby or pick up a new one that is appropriate for social distancing. Listen to music, garden, watch a movie or have a dance party with your family.

Socialize. We may be physically isolated, but we crave connection. So, why not socialize with family and friends via video. Invite family and friends to a video party via zoom and share music, jokes, and stories.

Look for ways to help individuals at risk. Check-in on your parents, your neighbors, and the elderly. A text, phone call, email, and a video chat can mean so much and make isolation more bearable. Why not send a card or offer to pick up their groceries for them so they don’t have to venture out into the public. 

Support small businesses when possible. Shopping local, supporting local businesses, and giving back to your community is so important during this time. 

Be kind and keep others in mind. Buy only what you need and leave some toilet paper on the shelves the next time you are at the store. 

Dream and get inspired. I will continue to share travel inspirations and you can make a list of all the many places you want to travel to when this is over.

Keep the kids engaged and active. Provide kids with somewhat of a routine and plan a variety of engaging age-appropriate activities. For us, there are plenty of walks, hopscotch, picking flowers, scavenger hunts, TV time, running and more. (Teachers, you are my heroes)

We are all in this together and we will get through it. We will get back to normal.

We would love to hear what you are doing to stay positive! 

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