Steps to a Better World Through Travel

Tell me, why do you travel?

To experience something new? To be inspired by the breathtaking sites? If so, let's preserve the awe inspiring places so that those after us can enjoy the same views.

Do you ever wonder how to travel more sustainably? Do you want to leave the world a better place without compromising your travel experience? Traveling sustainably doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries and high quality experiences. It doesn’t mean you have to camp or backpack. (Though, if that’s what you want, go for it. It can be an amazing experience).

That’s why ensuring that my clients have an extraordinary experience while also utilizing suppliers, hotels and tour operators that care for our world is important to me and is important in my business!

I invite you to take an extraordinary vacation that is luxurious, exciting, relaxing and sustainable. Travel knowing that you are leaving lasting and positive impacts.

Boat in the water along the shore

Here are a few ways to incorporate sustainability into your travels:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Choose direct flights. Fewer takeoffs and landings translate into fewer emissions.

  • Offset your carbon footprint with reliable providers such as MyClimate.

  • Take less vacations but longer vacations.

  • Use reef safe sunscreens. Not only is it better for the reefs, it is better for your skin.

  • Support local businesses that contribute to the local community.

  • Respect and embrace the local culture.

  • Reduce the use of plastics by using reusable water bottles.

  • When buying souvenirs, seek out local indigenous artisans. Avoid purchasing items made from endangered plants and/or animals.

  • Travel to a destination in the off season or shoulder seasons.

  • Search for experiences observing wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife viewing experiences are life changing and extraordinary. Doing so in the animals' natural habitat is better for the animals and gives you a true feeling for the animal.

  • Look for businesses that incorporate sustainability into their daily operations. Choose hotels and tour operators that are actively reducing waste and recycling, preserving the environment, contributing to the local communities and other.

  • Hire a travel expert. There are many businesses that are providing an extraordinary experience while making great strides in responsible travel. Yet, it is not always easy or apparent to decipher which ones they are.

Don’t stop exploring our wonderful world. Intead, consider how you can take steps to make your trip more sustainable without compromising the experience. Start small and if ever in doubt, reach out. I would be happy to help make your travels everything you want them to be!

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