The Corona Virus Roller Coaster Ride

Do you like roller coaster rides? I do. I love the trill and excitement. But maybe not this one. Not the COVID-19 roller coaster ride we are all on. 

I know what is on your mind. The coronavirus has unfortunately taken over our social media feeds, the news, and our lives. 

We are navigating through unprecedented times. Travel is uncertain, the virus will be affecting so much more than travel, and concerns are understandable. But this too shall pass. It will, with time! 

The good news? 

  • Travel suppliers are keeping us in the loop and are working tirelessly to ease travel concerns through temporary policy changes etc.

  • More than 60,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

So what can you do? 

  • Yes, please continue to wash your hands and be vigilant.

  • Also, live your life and do something fun and good today!

  • Please, if you are sick, take time off and see the doctor. 

  • Please, call your travel advisor for help with your travel plans. Your immediate travel plans and future travel plans. As a travel advisor, I am here to help my clients. I am here to listen and understand every particular situation because ultimately everyone's situation is different. I provide facts, resources and work through options. Ultimately, I am an advocate for my client when I call travel suppliers, airlines, travel insurance and revise travel plans.

  • Use official sources of information such as the CDC website offering fact-based information, timely worldwide statuses, and more. 

  • Purchase travel insurance when you plan your future travels. Unforeseen circumstances happen and most often, you have no control over them. Protect your travel investment. 

  • Have fun! (yes, I know I already said that)

I am leaving you with a pretty picture and a song because pretty pictures and music make us all happy, right? And the world needs a little more happiness right now.

Dancing In The Dark, because my daughter loves and it always succeeds at putting us all in a good mood!

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