Travel Experiences vs. Things

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Here in the Bumgarner household, we just finished up a busy celebration season full of birthdays. Add to that mother’s day and father’s day, one is quickly out of gift ideas.

This year, after a month of birthdays and celebrations, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My answer? “I just want time with my family doing what I love!” My husband responded as any unconvinced husband would “that’s cliche Marija, you don't really mean it”. But it is true! What I really want are experiences and moments that will be cherished. Time with my family, experiences exploring and feeding my curiosity, and time relaxing.

Family adventure on the beach

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a minimalist. I have asked for and received gifts that I love and still  cherish. For the most though, the novelty of new things quickly fades; while memories of our times together always stay with us. Travel is a vehicle to wonderful experiences and memories. However, whether it is a trip, like my husband and I have committed to each year in lieu of anniversary gifts, or a relaxing spa day or brunch and a day on the water - all experiences count just as much as traveling to far flung places.

No, we didn’t go on a surprise or planned trip for my birthday this year. I enjoyed a Sunday brunch (my favorite meal) with my family followed by time on the water and a relaxing afternoon and ice-cream adventure with my girl! 

Hilton Head Island experiences

So, the next time you aren't sure what to get someone, maybe an experience is the answer! A romantic getaway or a girlfriends trip? A family adventure or a vacation in lieu of gifts or even holiday celebrations?

Not all trips have to be to far flung places! There are many amazing hotels and resorts in your backyard. Did you know that booking a Virtuoso property with a Virtuoso advisor can get you exclusive amenities at no additional cost?

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