Traveling with Kids​ - How to Make It Fun and Where to Go

Traveling with kids. Does it seem daunting and exhausting or exciting?

I thought I loved to travel before kids, but boy do I love traveling now even more. Honestly, it is not something I expected would happen. In fact, I feared how having children would affect my travels, something that was and is a big part of who I am. Would I have to stop traveling? Will it be difficult? To my surprise, I love it even more. 

Sure, there are trying moments while traveling with kids. There is less alone time, more activities tailored to kids - no jumping out of planes just yet. There are schedules to abide by, teenagers brushing you off, and maybe a tantrum to be had. All of that will happen at home or on the road, might as well be exploring the world. 

Dad and son surfing

The fun side? Seeing the world through their eyes is like being a kid again. Remember the days you would skip rocks or dip your toes in the ocean when you were fascinated and excited by the little things? Having children brought that extra excitement back to travel and I didn’t even know that I could level up my excitement.

Do I still enjoy my solo moments and the romantic getaways? ABSOLUTELY!! I want and need those getaways with my husband. And I appreciate those moments more so now as well. 

Whether a family, multi-general, or group trip with friends, traveling with kids can be fun!

Keep these 4 tips in mind for your next trip: 

  • Choose a destination with various activities that will keep everyone engaged. Make it an adventure! 

  • Involve the kids in the travel planning. Get them excited. In the age of social media, teenagers likely have opinions on destinations and activities. Include at least one of everybody's activity picks. 

  • Don’t plan every minute of the trip. Allow for downtime and spontaneity.

  • Go with the flow and enjoy your time together.

Need inspiration?

Consider these 3 off the beaten path trips for your next family adventure:


Looking for a cruise that will keep all your senses engaged? A Galapagos cruise is an interactive and fun-filled trip for all ages. Fill your days with hikes, snorkeling, in search of giant tortoises, birds, penguins, marine lizards and so much more! The most important part is choosing a ship that will best suit your needs. Do you want the opportunity to participate in research and learn from a professional photographer? Focus on diving and have talks tailored to kids? Do you prefer a more intimate setting or larger ships? There is a variety of ships and one that will fit your family's needs.


Without traveling too far, you can get to what feels like a world away. Iceland is full of activities that will satisfy curious kids and adults. Visit the many stunning national parks, go whale watching, and be mesmerized by the beautiful creatures. Hike to beautiful waterfalls, swim in thermal baths throughout the country, and enjoy a horseback ride along the coast.

Costa Rica

Feeling adventurous but also want to enjoy nature, sunshine, and the beach? Zip-line and kayak through Costa Rica’s rainforest, giving you different perspectives. Hike to waterfalls searching for howler monkeys; keep an eye out for river otters, sloths, and butterflies; and search for various colorful birds like toucans and parrots. Top off your trip with fun on the white-sand beaches taking in the beautiful seascapes. Still full of varied wildlife, Search for sea turtles, snorkel, and splash in the ocean.

Travel is truly about discovering, connecting, and sharing those extraordinary moments!

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