What Do Bonaire & British Columbia Have in Common?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

What do Bonaire & British Columbia have in common? Besides starting with the letter B of course.

They are both great destinations for the active outdoor enthusiasts & they are both places we explored on our two-part honeymoon 7 years ago. 

Yes, an unconventional honeymoon indeed. But, like I always say, I do not believe in one-size-fits-all vacations.

Part 1 of our honeymoon started in Bonaire immediately after our St. Croix, Virgin Islands wedding where we lived at the time. Upon returning from Bonaire, we swiftly packed up and moved to North Carolina, dropped off our belongings with family and embarked on honeymoon Part 2 to British Columbia

Why we chose Bonaire: We both love to dive. In fact, Brad first asked me out on a dive date. So, it was natural for us to choose Bonaire, a spectacular diving destination as part of our honeymoon experience. We were excited about exploring the protected waters of Bonaire National Marine Park surrounding the entire island. 

What we loved: We loved the diving and our stay at Harbor Village. We also had a blast exploring the island in a jeep, loved visiting Washington Slagbaai National Park, finding flamingos, the sunsets, and eating the best molten chocolate lava cake ever. 

Why we chose British Columbia: Living in the Virgin Islands, skiing wasn’t something we got to do often. We both wanted to though. Neither of us had ever skied out west and we strategically didn’t commit to jobs immediately after our Part 1 honeymoon, allowing us to travel more. So, why not British Columbia? 

What we loved: We loved the skiing conditions. It was completely different and so much better than the conditions we were used to on the East coast.  We also enjoyed strolling through town and relaxing in our apartment overlooking the slopes. The hot tub on our balcony overlooking the slopes was the perfect way to end a day on the mountain — especially when you accidentally go down a black diamond trail when you aren’t ready for that challenge. We made it down the mountain in 1 piece, but I won’t lie, there was a moment I thought I wouldn’t make it and I may have been overly dramatic about it.  

I might not be able to stop you from going down a black diamond, but I can book you a lesson or two and I sure can craft a vacation just the way you envision it – no matter how simple or complicated.  

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