What Is on Your Bucket List? A 3 Step Path to Making Your Dreams a Reality!

Can you relate to this?

Sometimes we assume that our big dreams are far, far away. That the dream epic vacation to swim with whale sharks, see the northern lights or (insert your dream here) is too difficult to plan. So you put it off. 2020 sure had a way of reminding us of our dreams, didn't it?

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Dare I say it… it can be fun & easy. And you don’t have to wait.

My best hack for achieving this?


Whether you are ready to travel now or not, dream first. Dream about the experiences you want in your lifetime. Think back and remember the dreams you had as a child that makes you giddy. Take a moment to write it all down. Now is not the time to limit yourself. Get it ALL out!


Now that you have your full list of dreams, start prioritizing and indicate when you want to experience it. Some might be achievable this year or next while some are more probable to happen in a few years. Do you want to take your kids on graduation trips or plan a milestone birthday celebration? Note that.


With your prioritized list and tentative dates, find a travel advisor to help you make your dreams come true. Not only can a travel advisor help with your upcoming vacation but some travel advisors, like myself, can work with you to strategize your travel plans for the next 2, 5,10 years. This doesn't mean planning and booking every trip but simply planning enough details that you can financially plan for it without needing to compromise. And no-one wants that anniversary to sneak up on you only to realize it is too late to plan the dream trip.

Now, doesn't that sound fun? Personally, I thrive on goals and strategies and I’m here to guide you through it all whenever you feel ready.

For now, keep dreaming!

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