What is Sustainable Travel & How Do You Make Your Travel Sustainable?

What if you could travel sustainably without compromising your vacation experience? Would you?

What is sustainable travel you ask?

Sustainable travel is not only about eco-tourism travel to places like Africa. It is part of every component and style of travel from nature and wildlife, cruising, wellness and more. With sustainable travel, we can protect not only nature and wildlife, but we can also protect natural & cultural heritage and we can support local communities around the world.

How do you make your travel more sustainable?

It starts with carefully choosing businesses to work with and support! I love to work with top socially and environmentally responsible operators that help preserve the environment, provide social and economic benefits to the local communities they operate in and have operations that support the protection of cultural and natural heritage. This ensures that the destinations you visit are cared for and enjoyed by all for years to come.

There are many businesses that are doing great things from operating carbon-neutral, eliminating plastics uses, using bio-fuels, supporting local conservation efforts, providing travelers an opportunity to learn firsthand about conservation and research efforts and so much more.

Here is a small sampling of what some companies are doing:

  • The Brando in French Polynesia is dedicated to protecting the local biodiversity, supporting the Polynesian culture and working towards its goal of becoming carbon neutral and self-sustainable. They use a seawater air-conditioning system to reduce energy demands and building materials that are of local or certified origin, renewable or incorporate recycled components.

  • Jamaica's GoldenEye has many great initiatives from protecting sea turtles hatchlings and raising their survival rates up 80% to supporting coral restoration.

  • Quark Expeditions, a polar focused cruise line, not only uses eco-friendly laundry chemicals & cabin amenities, they serve only sustainable seafood and use clean-burning fuels with a low emission factor. But they don't stop there. They also contribute to charities dedicated to sustainability and conservation in the polar regions such as Polar Bears International which is dedicated to the worldwide conservation of polar bears

  • The Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru, helps regenerate coral damaged by climate change. In addition, the coral-growing frames are locally produced, providing small-business development.

What else can you do?

Reduce your own carbon footprint by choosing a direct flight and by purchasing carbon offsets before you board your flight. The cost to offset a flight from NYC-to-Sydney, for example, is approximately $155 for roundtrip airfare.

I invite you to take an extraordinary vacation that is luxurious, exciting, relaxing and sustainable. Travel knowing that you are leaving lasting and positive impacts through meaningful experiences.

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