Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit?

I will never forget the first time I ever heard the sounds of a whale underwater. It was my first trip to Hawaii.

It isn’t exactly a sound that was loud and clear, at least not in this case. It wasn’t until someone told us to listen for it that we heard it. After all, we were so distracted by all of the other amazing wildlife. Oh, how exciting it was knowing the whales were in the near(ish) distance. Did you know that whale sounds can be heard up to several miles away?

Though I can’t exactly promise that whales will perform, I can promise that I will recommend when to visit, choose responsible operators, and craft a tailored itinerary just for YOU. Because extraordinary moments and memories are the truly greatest gift… And being a part of creating such moments is an honor.

Even though Hawaii offers something for everyone, there is no one-size-fits-all trip. Each of the 5 islands offers unique experiences and has its own vibe. So, which island should you visit? Here is a sneak into the personality of each Hawaiin island:

Want to visit Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and like big-city nightlife, shopping, and crowds? Oahu is your answer!

Do you enjoy luxurious resorts, love time lazing around the pool or on the beach? Perhaps mixing in a bit of exploration? Maui sounds perfect!

Want to get away from it all, play golf together, turn in early and enjoy the peace and "small-town" quiet? Lanai is the answer!

Want to get out into nature and hike, paddleboard, kayak, and be stunned with the most breathtaking scenery? You would love Kauai, the "Garden Isle"!

Calling all adventure seekers! Are you fascinated by nature, history, the Polynesian culture, and scientific wonders? The Big Island of Hawaii offers active volcanos, telescope observatories on top of snow-capped mountains, opportunities to swim with manta rays and historical and religious landmarks!

So, which island is calling your name?

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