Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a Travel Advisor

You are starting to think about your travel plans. Where and when will you go? Who will you go with? What will you do? How will you plan and book everything? The overwhelm can set in quickly.

If only, there was someone that can just plan it for you?

THERE IS! Your trusted travel advisor. 

But why use a travel advisor when you can DIY it using Expedia and Travelocity? The truth is, a travel advisor might not be the right choice for everyone. There, I said it. However, it can be a great choice for many. 

Learn who should & shouldn't use a travel advisor!


1. YOU ARE TIME STARVED You simply don’t have the time to plan a vacation. At least not the way you want the vacation to be planned. Go ahead, get yourself a travel advisor and sat hello to extra time!

2. YOU ARE FEELING OVERWHELMED I get it. There are so many things to consider when planning a vacation. Which destination to travel to? Which hotel is right? Are the excursions appropriate for everyone? When should you travel? The amount of information available is endless. It is no surprise people get confused and overwhelmed. Avoid information overload and instead get expert advice, custom itineraries and peace of mind simply by hiring a travel advisor.

3. YOU HAVE AN OPINIONATED GROUP OF TRAVELERS Is one of your upcoming vacations a family reunion or maybe you and your friends are planning a trip? Planning a vacation for yourself can be overwhelming. Add to that the logistics and all of the opinions that come with a group trip. It can quickly become more stressful than it is worth it. That is the perfect time to work with a travel advisor that can take care of all of the details (flights, transfers, hotels, excursions, dietary restrictions ... ) as well as provide a neutral view which is always extremely helpful with groups. 


If you are at all worried about issues during a trip, rest easy with a travel advisor that will provide support before, during and after the trip. Not only will a travel advisor mitigate many issues by carefully crafting your vacation from the start, but a travel advisor is also a phone call away if flights get delayed or luggage gets lost. No reason to fret.

5. YOU WANT A VACATION BEYOND THE ORDINARY A travel advisor is in the know about the up and coming destinations, unique excursions, and exciting activities. With access to insider information and exclusive access to experiences you can’t find on Expedia, you get unique itineraries tailored to you. 


1. YOU LOVE TO DO IT YOURSELF You truly enjoy spending your free time researching destinations, hotels, excursions, transfers, and local restaurants. You take your time to read reviews and take pride in piecing together your travel plans. If this is you and any hiccups along the way don’t stress you out, then go ahead and do it yourself.

2. THE CHEAPEST IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU This doesn’t mean that a travel advisor will necessarily cost more than if you DIY, it means that that the money will be spent wisely on a vacation tailored to you. Our priority is ensuring an extraordinary experience for you. If we do not believe that your budget will allow us to provide that service, we will advise you of it. Otherwise, it is our goal to honor your budget!

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