Why Invest in Travel Insurance?

So, you are going on the trip NO MATTER WHAT and nothing is going to go wrong while you are there....right? Why add another cost, that might seem completely unnecessary, for something as un-romantic as travel insurance?

No matter how extravagant or low-budget your trip may be, there are many things outside of your control that could change your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Consider these possibilities, that I never wish on anyone, but that have happened:

  • One of your parents falls and injures themselves and needs you to be their caregiver.

  • One of your adult children falls ill or needs surgery and has nobody to watch the grandchildren...they need Grandma!

  • Your flights to Miami are delayed or canceled due to a snowstorm and you miss the cruise...The ship has the nerve to sail without you!

  • The volcano in Iceland erupts again, spewing ash into the sky and all Transatlantic flights are canceled for a few days days. You are in Europe for an extra few days spending money on hotels and food you hadn’t planned on!

  • You make it to your destination, but your luggage never does. This leaves you with the expense of buying new clothing, toiletries, and a suitcase.

  • Delayed flights result not only in a missed connection but also in missed vacation days and extra nights at hotels in those connecting cities, all at a cost to you.

And the list goes on......

Naturally, when planning a vacation, people are excited and not thinking about what could go wrong. To keep that excitement alive before and during the vacation, I strongly encourage clients to purchase travel insurance.

You protect your house, your car, and your health. So why not your vacation? More often than not, nothing will go wrong. But if it does, isn’t protecting your dream vacation, your money and your sanity also worth the minimal cost of travel insurance?

When purchasing travel insurance, consider third party insurance that covers the entire amount of your trip should something goes wrong instead of trip protection through the tour operator, cruise or airline that may have restrictions or offer a credit towards future travel.

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