Custom Crafted Travel

Where Luxury Meets Adventure

At Extraordinary Moments Travel, I design one-of-kind perfectly tailored itineraries, just the way you envision it. I take the hassle and stress out of planning.

When you work with Extraordinary Moments Travel, you get:

Adventures Your Way

You deserve better than one-size-fits-all vacations.

That is why I meticulously craft every detail of your itinerary full of unique experiences perfectly matched to indulge your passions, feed your curiosity and fulfill your dreams.

A trip full of good surprises and extraordinary moments.

Luxury Infused Experiences

As a proud affiliate of Virtuoso, an elite network of luxury travel providers, I am able to elevate your travel experience by infusing exclusive experiences, amenities, upgrades, and other VIP touches into your already seamless adventure.

Sustainable Travel

Travel knowing that you are leaving lasting and positive impacts through meaningful experiences. All without compromising the travel experience.


To achieve this, I work with partners that take responsible measures to preserve the world’s amazing places while creating an outstanding experience for you.

Here's How We Craft Your Extraordinary Adventure:

Step 1: Connect

I like to start off with a complimentary call. You ask me any questions you have, share your vacation dreams, unique travel style and preferences allowing me to design the custom vacation you deserve.

Step 2: Design Your Adventure

After you take care of the planning fee, I start designing your dream trip. Using my expertise and extensive relationships, I research the best options for you. You receive 2-3 itinerary variations to choose from, we discuss any changes and perfect one until you are so excited you just can't wait to embark on your adventure.

Step 3: Book It

You relax while I take care of all the bookings – from air and ground transportation to hotels, excursions and massages. I’ll work out every detail, confirm amenities and ensure your VIP status.

Step 4: Experience Extraordinary Moments

Jet off on your perfectly curated adventure, itinerary in hand (and also conveniently available on a special app). Explore the world, create memories, relax and recharge knowing that I am only a phone call (or email) away should anything go wrong.


Image by Derek Oyen

Long Term Travel Planning

Let's turn your dreams into reality! Taking your entire family's desires, bucket lists, milestones, and more, I craft a custom long-term travel portofolio that contains destinations, experiences, best times to travel, and high-level costs for each trip. You aren't locked into any trips, but what you can do is powerful. Turn this 3-5 year plan over to your financial advisor to successfully plan for.

Image by Edvin Johansson

Hotel Only Bookings

Simply need to book a quick getaway? Booking with us often comes with additional perks such as:

  • Room upgrades

  • Exclusive amenities and experiences

  • Spa, dining or resort credits

We do not charge a fee if you know excatly which hotel you want. You can also book yourself and take advantage of the perks if you prefer using this tool.



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